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Is Self Representation A Good Option Than Hiring A DUI Lawyer Media PA?

Posted on September 18, 2019 in Uncategorized

What is your next move after you’ve been charged for the driving under influence case? The chance of facing some serious legal issues and consequences is very obvious. Nevertheless, of you being innocent or even you being guilty, you have to face the challenges by fighting against your charges and winning it successfully, with the help of DUI lawyer.

Life may bring sudden twists and turns and leave you with no choice but struggling to get rid of the current state or terms. There are bad breaks in life where you have to consider approaching a legal body and seek advice from them. One of which is a case where you find yourself completely trapped, risking your name, reputation also your education plus job, these are the cases where you are blamed or charged for a serious offense like a criminal law case. You’re your overall image and reputation in the society will be questioned because of the tag you’ve achieved which is for sure a bad one. Talking about a DUI, it is one of the most challenging situations one could ever get tangled into. The person caught or pulled over by the police for a check has to go through a lot of questioning. However, if you are involved in a matter like this, are you sure with the immediate step you’d be taking? By all means, you are uncertain about it, the reason why you have DUI lawyer Media PA is that of the level of involvement and commitment they have for solving the case for their client is completely exceptional and unique due to the interest and knowledge they hold for the driving under influence laws.

How to Identify You Are Strongly In Danger?
The situation where you have no better option but to seek legal advice is given below, if you are under any one of the condition, pick the phone and start to search the best lawyer now!

This is the very first time you’ve been pulled over by police officials; in fact, you’ve been into this mess for the same reason and same serious offense.
You know that your “driving under influence” condition made a really bad impact on your driving skills that led to a serious case.
You believe that you are not guilty but you are blamed for no reason
Your aim is to protect yourself and prove yourself against the blame that you are entitled with.
If you are the commercial driver the chances of getting into the serious mess is possible because you may be charged with the DUI plus your job is also at stake.
What about the Penalties for the Guilty in PA?
The penalties and charges are divided into 3 categories, first offense, second offense, and the third most dangerous offense. The punishments and forfeiture will vary a lot and if you feel you are unsafe and definitely clueless with the future tasks to handle, it is supreme to go ahead with appointing a DUI Lawyer Media PA.

First offense
It is when you are caught for the very first time and you are unaware of what rights you hold. Here is a piece, just to make sure you are not overcharged or you are blamed for something that you haven’t done.

Minimum Jail Time: For a first offense the individuals are not really eligible to fit in this position, considering the matter of fact that if injuries or accident was involved with it, then the jail time may be desirable only on special condition depending on the severity.

IID: The installation of the ignition interlock device (IID) is mandatory for the individuals who have initially refused to take any test when the police pulled them over (chemical test)

Penalties and Charges: Talking about penalties you have to pay Maximum $300, it is still very less as compared to the charges taken when it’s the 2nd or 3rd time.

License Suspension: This is also not under the category for the first offense; if you are found guilty for the time you are no way responsible to submit your license to the officials.

Second Offense
When you are caught for the very first time, it becomes easy to get rid of the situation but you do need expert advice, but when it is your second time, the officials will want to know why you didn’t follow the law again. Even after knowing the consequences of getting into such activity, you still choose to follow the same wrong path, so baring the repercussion is the only option left. For the second time, the presence of DUI lawyer Media PA can help the guilty individual a lot.

Minimum Jail Time: For the second time the charges will definitely be different and much worst. The penalties for this are total for the minimum of 5 days based on the severity to the total of 6 months (same as depending on the severity)

IID: Yes! When your license is suspended you will have to face this issue and install the ignition interlock device (IID) as a mandatory one.

Penalties and Charges: The total charge that you will have to pay depends firstly on the amount of negligence you have shown by now following the law and secondly the level of destruction your negligence hassled too. The minimum penalty amount starts from $300 to a maximum of $2500.

License Suspension: If you are a ride freak and you really love riding your bike or driving your car then this is definitely going to be the worst punishment ever. The chances of your license to get suspended are usually for a whole year (12 months).

Third Offense
The third offense is the worst offense that you’ll ever face; it is extreme cases where the individuals are found to break the law more than twice. The punishment and penalties are serious and you are surely advisable to approach a professional for such condition.

Minimum Jail Time: The minimum jail time is usually of 10 days and the maximum limit can be exhausting which is of 3 long years.

IID: Definitely Yes! If you have are facing license suspension issues than your vehicle will have to get installed with the IID.

Penalties and Charges: Penalties will be very strict and serious ones if you are unable to pay the charges you will have to manage or balance your punishment in the jail. So the minimum limit starts with $500 to the maximum freaked out limit $2500.

License Suspension: Undoubtedly the chargeable person has to submit the license to the official body and expect a strict punishment from them. The total fixed calculation is approximate 12 months.